Malia rogers is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter, actor & multi-instrumentalist.

As a Nova Scotian making home in Ontario, Malia Rogers' maritime upbringing has led her to see music, storytelling, and community as inextricably bound. Drawing inspiration from Canadian sirens like Feist and Rose Cousins, she cultivates an introspective and honest approach to songwriting, weaving her joys and vulnerabilities into self-soothing folk anthems with swelling harmonies and warm, grounded instrumentation. 

Her upcoming EP "Revisions" (summer 2024) employs personal stories as inroads to big questions around love, loss, legacy, fear, anxiety, choice, and hope – all the while imploring listeners to stay curious and compassionate about their own histories.

Through song and story, Rogers invites you into the corners of her heart the way she would invite you into her home on the East Coast: put down the heavy bags, rest, stay as long as you need, take something with you when you go.

“In true folk tradition, [Malia’s] melodies are as memorable as her words, and the two form a tight bond. But most of all, her vulnerable honesty reminds listeners to be as well.”

- The East Mag on “The Net”